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Wednesday, July 13th, 2016
8:50 pm - Greetings from Italy
I'm on vacation at the moment. Luckily I have WiFi access here, so I'm just popping in to say hello! It's HOT here, although I'm in the north. Oh well, hopefully it'll cool down a bit in the next days, they say the weather's gonna change... But you can never know. At least it's summer here, and I mean real summer, not just a sorry attempt like at home.^_^
I think I'll go eat now, bye and have a nice summer everyone!

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Thursday, December 24th, 2015
6:01 pm - Christmas wishes
Merry Christmas!! May you all have a very happy time!

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Thursday, April 9th, 2015
8:20 pm - Sayings
Feel like posting some quotes and sayings...

Where hope would otherwise become hopelessness, it becomes faith. ~Robert Brault

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Reality bites with a variety of sizes of teeth. ~Tony Follari

Ever try. Ever fail. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. ~Samuel Beckett

You cannot hide in dreams any more than you can in reality.

Man has always been afraid of anything different.

Hope is the word which God has written on the brow of every man. ~Victor Hugo

Sorrow is an opportunity to appreciate happiness. ~Lailah Gifty Akita

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
7:02 pm - Merry Christmas...
... and a happy New Year!

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Friday, August 1st, 2014
9:34 pm - Various
Gonna see a very good friend soon. Haven't seen her for a year, so it's about time. I just hope my old car will make it. But it made it last year, so it will this year, too. It just passed inspection. Well, after extensive- and expensive- repair, but still...
Recently, quite a few peole who've been away from livejournal and the scene in general seem to be returning. So good! It's really nice to see old faces, or rather, hear from people I had almost given up on. They mostly seem to have had a rough time in life, so no wonder they were absent for so long. I'm glad they've made it through the troubled times and are back again. Who knows, maybe more will come back in the future.

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
10:05 pm
Quite a lot to do at the moment, so I'm on semi-hiatus. But I have next week off, finally. I need a break. Just visiting a friend and touring a bit around, but I'm looking forward to it. It doesn't really matter where you go or what you do, sometimes it's enough to be in a different environment and relax. The weather's fine at the moment, I'm hoping it stays that way.

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Thursday, March 20th, 2014
8:42 pm - Spring vacation
Still trying to decide where to go on vacation. I'd like to go in April or May since it's still so long till summer. Siiigh. At least, the weather's good this year. When I was on spring vacation last year, it was terribly cold and wet- in May! This time, I hope it's gonna be much much better^.^
A friend just came back from Rio. Nice, nice... Just a bit too hot for my taste.^^

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Friday, December 13th, 2013
6:15 pm - I'm sick
I have a cold. Well, not uncommon for this season, but still, it's annoying. Hope it's over soon. At least, no more sore throat...

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
10:16 pm - Strange airport names
Found some very funny, strange and scary airport names today and feel like posting the ones that I find the most interesting^_^.

The ones I find funniest and weirdest:

Batman Airport – Turkey (this should be in Gotham City)
Wagga Wagga Airport - Australia
Puka Puka Airport - French Polynesia
Useless Loop Airport – Australia (does this mean planes have to do an unnecessary loop before landing?)
Gaylord Airport – USA (funny and somehow rude)
Woodie Woodie Airport – Australia
Fak Fak Airport – Indonesia (sounds rude, too)
Black Tickle Airport – Canada (a tickle can be black...?)
Gorom-Gorom Airport - Burkina Faso
Chicken Airport – USA (how can they expect anyone to take their airport seriously?)
Duck Airport - USA (probably in Duckburg)

Airports I’d prefer to stay away from:

Mafia Airport – Tanzania (who in the world gives an airport that kind of name? I wonder if the name-giver was drunk)
Asbestos Hill Airport – Canada (would definitely never want to land there!)
Slave Lake Airport - Canada
Desolation Sound Airport - Canada
Bloodvein (River) Airport – Canada (scary)
Red Devil Airport – USA (scary, too)
Rifle Airport – USA (don’t wanna get shot)
Deadhorse Airport – USA (how can you give a settlement and its airport such a name?)
Danger Bay Airport – USA
Snake River Airport - Canada
Colon Airport – Panama (again, the name-giver must have been drunk)

I didn’t even know airports could have such weird names o.O

current mood: ditzy

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Thursday, August 29th, 2013
10:33 pm - Pointless rambling...
Just a little update...
Holidays are over, back at work, meh. Well, I need to survive, so I'm doing what I must. Work's not bad, after all. Just a bit boring since there's not much to do atm. But I get paid for it, so no need to complain.
Oh, here's a photo of a Rei statue I got at the con, since I was asked for photos XD. I'm proud of this. Looks much much better in the original than in the picture, though!
By the way, I'm watching Spongebob at the moment. Am I weird for that...? Probably ^_^. Oh and I have a hedache. Nothing new here, I'm prone to them. Oh, well. Luckily it's Friday tomorrow. I really like Fridays, but hey,who doesn't?


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Sunday, July 7th, 2013
9:11 pm - Summer
Yeah, summer's finally here. Can't believe it. I just need to work one more week and then... Three weeks off duty! I can't wait. How am I gonna spend this last week at work?? I want holidays now. Now, please!
The con was GREAT! I definitely bought too much, but I couldn't help it. It HAD been to long since I went to a con, so yeah. Just had to drain my purse. Need to go to those cons more often, but they're always so far away and not really cheap, so...Siiigh.
I'm off now- going to enjoy the hot weather. Have a great summer!

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Thursday, May 2nd, 2013
7:15 pm - Cons and yaoi cons
Yes, I'm going to a convention. About time. My last con was... ages ago. I'm so excited! I'll hae to wait another month though, but it'll be wort it.
Too bad there`s no Yaoi con where I live. Now THAT'd be just awesome! I've never been to one, obviously, but if there was one, I'd definitely go. Wish I could organize one myself, but... eh, dreaming is allowed.
Still, going to an anime/manga convention is always a great thing. I so love this hobby. Anime and mange, I mean. It's great to have. Glad I found my way into the community.
I remember I've always liked anime style, even as a kid. Ah, the memories, the memories.^______^

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Sunday, February 24th, 2013
7:21 pm - Work work work
Long time no post. Well, I'm drowning in work, that's why.I barely have time to go online atm, except during lunch breaks (and I prefer to eat then). So, don't worry, I'm still alive, just exhausted. I hope it'll be over soon and I'll have my normal worload back. It's all a bit too much at the moment. The new year has been tiring so far. But it'll get better, I think. oon, very soon. I'll be back then with news.

Have a nice time!

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012
1:36 am - Going home for Christmas...
.. I am. Just wanted to anounce that. Probably won't have internet access there, but I'll survive. After all, it's Christmas and I'll be getting to see my family and old friends again. I'm so looking forward to it. See you then! Have a very nice Christmas and a happy new year!

current mood: excited

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Wednesday, October 31st, 2012
10:03 pm - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
I like this picture, so here.

current mood: gloomy

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Thursday, August 23rd, 2012
12:07 am - Am I weird for liking ... ?
Am I weird for liking Spongebob? My Little Pony? Other cartoons and stuff that's supposed to be for children?
I don't really think so. After all, many cartoons have adult humor (there's lots in Spongebob), not necessarily with sexual allusions but in general. And, as we all know, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has probably more older fans (particularly male) than younger. Bronies, bronies! By the way, couldn't female fans be called Sonies? Sounds nice. Well, just an idea of mine.^__^
I've always liked cartoons and comic style, and I probably always will.
The best style is still anime/manga style. Always had a thing for it. Duh, that's why I'm a fan. And I don't feel weird for that.

Hn, just felt like rambling, I suppose, after watching Spongebob Best Of's on Youtube. I sometimes do that.
And funny scenes from animes; some make you almost die from laughing. Good for cheering yourself up, so if you ever feel down, you know what to do.

current mood: refreshed

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
6:20 pm - My Office Spider
Soooo... Anyone out there who likes spiders? Guess that's a stupid question, as I don't know anybody who does. There are people who don't mind them, like my brother for example. But does anyone *like* them? I shudder at the mere thought of touching them or having them near me. Always hated them, always will. Though it's not as bad anymore as it was, like, ten years ago. I had arachnophobia back then, and it got worse over the years. Still, I've never stopped finding them disgusting, especially the dark, hairy ones. Eeeeek!!

Luckily, at home we have more of the thin, long-legged ones that don't do much more than sitting around waiting for prey or whatever it is they do. I have one of those in my workplace, actually not too far away from were I sit. Problem is, it only comes out sporadically, whenever it sees fit. I never manage to catch (read: kill) it because if it senses any danger, it disappears behind the desk, the fax machine, the copy machine... I didn't know that kind of spider could be so fast, but they are when they choose to be.

I'm thinking of giving the little sucker a name. I just don't know if that's a good idea, because they say if you give a thing a name, you won't be able to do anything to it anymore. It would be like my pet, and I'm not the type to be cruel to a pet. Plus, what kind of name would be good for an ugly spider? And does it have to be a male or a female name? I suppose that kind DOES have genders, right...?

I'll probably be on the lookout for a nice name from now on. If the creature isn't really nice, at least the name should be to make it less disgusting. And if you can't beat them, join them- or rather, make them your friend. I'll be starting by naming the thing.

I feel weird writing this. Really, I do.

current mood: weird

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Sunday, June 10th, 2012
11:29 pm - Ritsu Onoera's hilarious expressions
I know the anime came out a while ago, but- I still need to post this.
Did I mention I LOVE Sekaiichi's Ritsu's facial expressions? He makes the best faces EVAAA. Ricchan is my antidrug, by the way. I love him. Simple as that.
This particular image is my favorite. It comes shortly before the rain scene, manga chapter 10, anime episode 11. Made me laugh sooo hard when I first saw it in the manga, and then the anime displayed it in full color... HILARIOUS!!
*off to cuddle Ritsu and laugh at him for making such faces*

current mood: giddy

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
10:09 pm - (Brain) Vacation
I'm currently on vacation. Yes, with my family. I'm a poor gal with no friends and no boyfriend and so I have to do all my travelling with my family...
Kidding. I went with them because I want to and it seems like a long time ago that we went on vacation together. It's just like the good old times! I feel old, sometimes. Really, really REALLY old. Not a good sign. 
I took three days off because there's a holiday this week. I'll be back in a few days. Don't wanna go to work again. Eh.

current mood: pensive

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Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
8:22 pm - HAPPY EASTER
Happy belated Easter! Oh well, better late than never. XD
House is full, so I don't have much time, or rather, chance, to go online at the moment because I can never find a quiet place to sit with my notebook. Luckily, it's over the day after tomorrow. I'm looking forward to having my room all to myself again.^__^

current mood: groggy

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